Eclipse Watching at AAAP Observatory

by Rex A Parker

What a day to remember! While we await some exciting stories from the AAAP Totality Group (have heard it was fantastic in Oregon), we’d like to acknowledge the GREAT job and big effort by AAAP members at Palmer Square in Princeton and AAAP Observatory at WC yesterday! Big thanks go to John Miller, Bob Thorpe, and Jim Fling in Princeton. And special thanks for a great effort go to Kevin Mooney, Tom Swords, Tim Donney, John Masters, and Larry Kane at WC (also Michael Hester and Ed Sproles and Mark for helping out at WC). The Palmer scene was just crazy with thousands (!), while the Observatory with more space to move around was very intense with turnout >300 (we lost count)!

Here are some photos from WC Observatory. THANKS again to those who really did a great thing for AAAP and science outreach!

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