Minutes of the April 11, 2017 meeting of the AAAP

by James Poinsett, Secretary

• The director, Rex Parker, called the meeting to order.

• There will be a night sky refresher at the planetarium of the NJ State Museum on Saturday, May 13th at 10:00 AM, all members are welcome to attend.

• There are members nights scheduled at the WC Observatory on Saturday May 27th and Saturday June 24th. All members are welcome, refreshments will be available.

• Mercer County Park Association is planning a campout on the summit of Baldpate Mountain on the night of August 11th for a Perseids viewing party. They have asked our assistance as night sky guides.

• Some club members are meeting near Monmouth, Oregon for the August 21st total solar eclipse. If you want more information contact Larry Kane or John Church.

• It is election time and the current Board of Directors has agreed to run for another term. If anyone else is interested please notify Gene Allen to have your name added to the slate. The current board is director:

     o Director – Rex Parker
     o Asst. Director – Larry Kane
     o Treasurer – Michael Mitrano
     o Program Chair – Ira Polans
     o Secretary – Jim Poinsett

• Rex sadly informed us that former director Dick Perry has passed away.

• There is a proposal to add Outreach and Observatory Chair positions to the board of directors. The procedure for doing this will be discussed at the next board meeting.

• There is a proposal to add a committee to help the Outreach Chairperson, the board will discuss this at the next meeting.

• Participation in outreach events has fallen off, please make every attempt to help the club reach potential new members by participating in outreach events.

• There was some discussion on how much of the night sky are we seeing through the C14 telescope at the observatory. It was concluded that using the Nagler31 eyepiece we are seeing about 1/31000th of the night sky.

• Communiversity was held on April 30th, AAAP had a table at the event.

• The Stokes Star Party was held on April 21st and 22nd.

• Larry has the logo and will be ordering shirts, details to follow at the next meeting.

• The meeting was adjourned.

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