compiled by Arlene & David Kaplan

Streams of water on Enceladus. -NASA/JPL/SSI

Streams of water on Enceladus. -NASA/JPL/SSI

Cassini probe sweeps over Saturn’s moon Enceladus
The NASA craft swept just 50km above the moon’s surface in a final attempt to “taste” the chemistry of water jets spewing from its south pole. Enceladus has produced a series of major discoveries that mean it is now considered one of the most promising places to find life beyond Earth…more

Interferometer System - ESA

Interferometer System – ESA

Gravity probe exceeds goals
The long-planned LISA space mission to detect gravitational waves looks as though it will be green lit shortly. Scientists working on a demonstration of its key measurement technologies say they have just beaten the sensitivity performance that will be required…more

Interacting Galaxies - NASA

Interacting Galaxies – NASA

Cosmos Controversy: How Fast is the Universe expanding?
There is a crisis brewing in the cosmos, or perhaps in the community of cosmologists. The universe seems to be expanding too fast, some astronomers say. Recent measurements of the distances and velocities of faraway galaxies don’t agree with a hard-won “standard model” of the cosmos that has prevailed for the past two decades…more

India launches 104 satellites in one go. - ISRO

India launches 104 satellites in one go. – ISRO

India launches record 104 satellites in a single mission
India has created history by successfully launching 104 satellites on a single mission, overtaking the previous record of 37 satellites launched by Russia in 2014. All but three of the satellites are from foreign countries, most of them from the United States…more

Winston Churchill - BBC

Winston Churchill – BBC

Winston Churchill on aliens
A newly unearthed essay by Winston Churchill reveals he was open to the possibility of life on other planets. In 1939, the year World War Two broke out, Churchill penned a popular science article in which he mused about the likelihood of extra-terrestrial life.

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