The Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

by John Church

As many club members are already aware, we have arranged for a prime viewing site in Oregon for this year’s total solar eclipse. Totality will last for slightly over 2 minutes, beginning shortly after 10 am PDT, and the weather is expected to be good. The site is on private property, and those who wish to participate will be given detailed directions. Members are kindly asked to not distribute this information on the Internet.

Our Assistant Director, Larry Kane, has arranged for a block of rooms in the area. Please contact Larry directly for further information. Accommodations are already very difficult to arrange, so if you are interested, you should act quickly.

There is also the good possibility that the property owner will allow camping. As soon as members who may choose this option have made firm plans, please contact this writer so that the owner can be contacted for full permission.

The nearest large airport is in Portland, Oregon. For those who want to fly, we suggest that you consider making reservations in the near future, as Oregon is going to be a popular eclipse destination.

This promises to be a spectacular event. The writer has been fortunate to have seen two total solar eclipses already; they leave overwhelming impressions that will never be forgotten. Photos from these eclipses are included here.

On no other occasion does one so directly experience the immense power of the motions of astronomical objects. Please join us if you can.

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3 Responses to The Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

  1. This will be the most witnessed eclipse in human history!

  2. Surely there has been eclipses over more densely populated areas before such as the Indian subcontinent and China?

  3. This seems like a pretty good little campout. Not too many people and very secluded. There will be many people on the path of totality, so this is a good idea. I might try it!

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