Minutes of the October 11, 2016 AAAP Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

  • Rex called the meeting to order and gave a brief outline of the night agenda
  • The lecture was by Steven K. Korotky titled “Restoration of the 6 ½ inch Prin telescope of the Daniel Schanck Observatory.”
  • Larry talked about a club get-together with the WC Park Association and about the August solar eclipse. He reported that all motel rooms are filled near Monmouth Oregon, just south of Salem. He has a couple of rooms reserved, see him to inquire about availability.
  • Next up for discussion was AAAP’s Jersey StarQuest. It will be walk in registration, no prior commitment needed. Low cost with no meals provided. The main reason for attending is the much lower amount of light pollution and to hob nob with fellow club members. A light pollution map was shown and it clearly showed how much less pollution there is at the Hope Center and at Jenny Jump.
  • We were shown a simulation of the ESA lander on Mars. It was supposed to happen a day or two after the meeting.
  • The treasurer’s report stated that so far over 30 members had paid for this year and the treasury was a healthy $20K despite all the expenditures for the observatory over the past year. The club has also received $700 in donations in memory of Gene Ramsey.
  • Sky 10 should be installed soon at the observatory.
  • We have 3 outreach requests, a 9 year old girls birthday party, 11/5 at the observatory and 11/18 Science night in Upper Freehold.
  • The club will make or obtain an aperture mask for the Mewlon telescope for lunar observing. Also the Mewlon is not parking properly, be careful when closing the roof until the problem has been corrected.
  • A suggestion for signs on Bear Tavern Rd. that would point to the observatory. Using a symbol or simply AAAP would indicate where to turn for those who are trying to find us. Street sign quality is desired.
  • A liaison with WC Park to replace Gene is needed. Larry volunteered to step in.
  • Our webmaster is still looking for ideas and feedback for the site. A suggestion was made for a forum page or possibly Google groups.
  • The next meeting will be on Nov 8th, election night. The speaker is Dr. Jim Stone.
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