Minutes of the September 13, 2016 AAAP Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

Minutes of the September 2016 Meeting of the AAAP

  • Club director, Rex Parker, called the meeting to order and reviewed the club happenings since May of last year.
    • The May 9th Mercury Transit
    • The new telescope in the observatory, a Takahashi Mewlon – 250
    • FIOS has been installed at the observatory
    • The board has resolved to continue AAAP’s commitment to the Jenny Jump observatory
    • StarQuest 2016 will be the weekend of October 28-30, no pre-registration required. It will be primarily an observing event. No food will be provided.
  • The lecture was by Dr. Jia Lin, it was titled “Neutrinos, their discovery, detection and future prospects”.
  • After the lecture we spent some time remembering our friend Gene Ramsey with pictures and stories about him. He will be missed.
  • Jenny Jump observatory was the next subject of discussion.
    • The club received a request to refurbish and utilize our observatory or give it up.
    • The board has decided to re-commit to the observatory. One option would be to share the observatory with AAI. The AAAP would still own the lease and the equipment but both clubs members would be trained to use it.
    • The main problem is the roof does not open all the way.
    • Bill Murray and Gene Allen will chair a repair committee, several more members volunteered to be on it. October 8th is the most likely date for a work party to attempt repairs.
    • A motion was made to authorize up to $1000 for repairs to the observatory. The motion was seconded and the board members present voted unanimously to approve the motion.
  • The Stokes Star party is on November 5th & 6th. It is a no frills party.
  • StarQuest is set for Oct 28-30, the Hope Conference center has been booked.
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