Minutes of the June 14, 2016 AAAP Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

  • Rex called the meeting to order.
  • Gene introduced the newest keyholder, Tim Donney.
  • John announced that Sky and Telescope has accepted the story about viewing the Mercury Transit through the Hastings/Byrne refractor, the third century that instrument has viewed such an event.
  • Rex brought up the subject of adding another scope to the mount with the refractor.
  • Treasurer Michael Mitrano reported that club treasury is in excess of $25000. He also stated that some money needs to be spent or dues reduced.
  • It was brought up that the observatory has been modified to allow a larger scope on the south mount with the refractor, there is plenty of space to fit any scope the club could afford.
  • Discussion was held on the proposal to spend up to $10K to purchase an extraordinary to add to the observatory. Points that were brought up include:
    • A scope that would stand out and make the club more attractive to new members.
    • A larger dedicated hydrogen-alpha solar scope.
    • An exceptional planetary scope.
  • A motion was made to spend up to $10K on a scope to be decided upon by a committee. The motion was seconded and a vote was held. The motions passed 35 yes votes to 0 no votes.
  • There were several volunteers for the committee, Rex will host a conference call to get the process started.
  • Gene brought up his concern that the columns supporting the roof of the observatory needed to be inspected for wear and tear, Jim McHenry knows a mason who will inspect them for us and make a recommendation.
  • Gene also expressed concern about the park’s ability to maintain the gates and roads to access the observatory. Larry will speak with the Friends of WC Park to see what may be done.
  • The topic of getting an internet connection at the observatory to update software. Jim McHenry will look into getting a wireless 4G connection.
  • Ira and the program committee were thanked for the excellent lecture series this past season.
  • Larry brought up that it is time for a new batch of AAAP shirts. More discussion will be held in the future.
  • Gene shared a thank you letter for our outreach from Hopewell Elementary School.
  • We have two volunteers to help Surabhi with Sidereal Times.
  • Meeting was adjourned.
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