Minutes of the February 2016 Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

  • “Saving Hubble” was shown before the meeting followed by a lecture by the filmmaker, David Gaynes.
  • The meeting was called to order at 9:00 after the movie and lecture.
  • The new website is live. Good job Surabhi and Mike. Surabhi is still waiting for some additional items to be added to the site.
  • There was a brief discussion on the newly discovered Planet X.
  • There will be a board meeting on Tuesday, March 29th at 7:00 PM at the West Windsor Branch of the Mercer County Library. All members are welcome.
  • Ways to help keyholders refresh their knowledge of the night sky were discussed. There will be refresher classes at the NJ State Planetarium on Saturday mornings, Feb 13 & 20.
  • StarQuest 2016 was discussed. The only new moon nights available are April 8 and October 28. Other options discussed were last quarter moon weekends of Sept 23 or Oct 21. A concensus of club members present agreed to the weekend of October 28th.
  • UAC NJ is soliciting donations to refurbish their observatory at Jenny Jump. Board members present agreed to a $200 donation by the club.
  • The observatory is open and operational, but be careful as there is snow all around. Four wheel drives vehicles are recommended until the snow is gone.
  • Observatory improvement ideas are wanted for the next board meeting.
  • Larry will survey club interest in a trip to view the 2017 total solar eclipse.
  • The keyholder schedule for the upcoming viewing season will be adjusted so the same teams are not on the holiday weekends every year. Keyholder email address and phone numbers will be added to the schedule to facilitate communication between teams.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 9:55
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