Minutes of the October 13th, 2015 AAAP Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

  • Rex called the meeting to order and listed a few items for discussion after the lecture.
  • Ira introduced the speaker, Scott Nammacher and his talk “Observatory Design, One Person’s Approach”.
  • After a short break Rex re-convened the meeting.
  • The topic of “StarQuest” was brought up; Rex wants members to think about it. Keep it an observing only event, try to expand its scope or drop it all together. This will be discussed at a future meeting.
  • The lunar eclipse of late September was clouded out, no local viewing possible.
  • There is a planetary conjunction coming in the morning sky. Three planets in one binocular view.
  • A tour of the US Naval Observatory is set for November 2nd. Those who expressed interest have the information.
  • There were no volunteers to organize the club picnic on October 18th. The auction and observing session will go on as planned; Rex discussed many of the items that will be available. There will be snacks provided by the club.
  • Michael Mitrano brought to the club’s attention the problems with the flat roof portion of the observatory and how to repair it. He volunteered himself and a few other club members to do the work. The board approved $750 for materials.
  • Specifications for the new computers for the observatory will be finalized for the next meeting.
  • Speakers have already been lined up for the next several meetings.
  • The updated website is almost ready to go live.
  • The club is seeking more publicity than the traditional print outlets to announce club events. Rex is going to write an article about the club to be distributed.
  • We have several outreach opportunities coming up:
    • October 20th – North Brunswick
    • October 27th – Kendall Park
    • November 12th – Stuart Country Day School
  • There being no further new or old business the meeting was adjourned.
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