Minutes of the September 2015 Meeting of the AAAP

by Jim Poinsett, Secretary

  • The meeting was called to order by the director at 7:30 pm. Rex talked briefly about two upcoming events:
    • Jersey Starquest, Sept 11-13, (since cancelled due to poor viewing conditions)
    • Club picnic and auction October 18, (rain date October 25th)
  • Ira introduced the speaker for the evening Dr. Paul Wiita and his talk “Measuring and Modeling Variability in Quasars and Blazars”.
  • After the lecture, Ira informed the club that speakers were confirmed through February with only March and May open at this time.
  • Michael and Surabhi are continuing to work on the updated website.  you can see the test site at http://www.cricketdocumentary.com/aaap . They are seeking feedback and plan to go live in 30-60 days.
  • A discussion was held on weather quality for Starquest and about when to cancel the event. The main question was, “Is one good night enough?” A decision will be made the Thursday before the event and sent to all club members.
  • The club will host a picnic and auction on October 18th at the pavilion by the nature center. There will be a silent auction of surplus astronomy equipment. A list will be provided by the Secretary. Members and non-members may bid. All funds raised to go toward future club activities. Volunteers are needed to help organize the picnic. Please contact Rex.
  • Observatory news:
    • There is currently not enough roof clearance to mount another scope with the HB refractor. Measurements will be done, and the feasibility of increasing the size of the “flap” at the end of the roof to enable another scope on that mount will be considered.
    • Testing was finally done to compare the two C-14 scopes in our possession. Eight out of nine testers (one abstention) agreed the newer of the two scopes was clearly superior and will be installed to replace the current scope. The old scope will be sold at the auction, but the winning bidder will not take possession until after the current viewing season ends in October.
    • The roof repair that had been postponed because of health reasons is scheduled for Friday, Sept 11th.
  • A trip to the US Naval Observatory is being planned. November 2 was the most common date chosen among the 19 club members who have expressed interest so far. The maximum size for the tour is 20. A trip to the Air and Space Museum is being considered for earlier in the day.
  • The club will host a lunar eclipse viewing event at the observatory on Sept 27th, weather permitting. It will be advertised on the website and our Facebook page. Bill Murray is organizing the event.
  • The astronomy talks at the Nature Center in Washington Crossing State Park are starting September 18th. Bill Murray will be giving the lectures this season.
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