Compiled  by David Kaplan and Michael Wright

Galaxies die by slow ‘strangulation’ – A study suggests that when most galaxies stop forming stars, this death is a slow process that gradually chokes them of the necessary cool gases. BBC

The Quiet Zone: Where mobile phones are banned – Two-hundred miles west of Washington DC lies the National Radio Quiet Zone – 13,000 square miles of radio silence. What is it for and how long will it survive? BBC

New Horizons Dust Counter – An instrument built at the University of Colorado is analyzing space dust for the remnants of colliding objects to learn more about our solar system.  NYTimes

World Science Festival – Brian Greene, the physicist and a festival founder, and Alan Alda, a board member, hope to awaken a love of science in the non-academic public. NYTimes

Celestial Vault – The astronomical optical illusion/art installation in the Hague known as the Celestial Vault is a curious place that is equal parts Druidic stone altar and stark modern landscaping which allows those willing to interact with it a chance to see the heavens in a new way. Atlas Obscura

Roden Crater – The artist James Turrell is repurposing an extinct volcano crater as an observatory to experience the cosmos. Atlas Obscura

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