Minutes of the March 2015 AAAP Meeting

by Jim Poinsett, Secretary

  • Rex welcomed everyone, gave a brief preview of the meeting topics and introduced John Miller.
  • John then introduced the speaker for the evening Dr. Andy Goulding.
  • It was announced the next board meeting will be on March 17th at 6:45 pm at the West Windsor Library. Topics will be the video addition to the observatory and the disposition of the donated equipment.
  • The Mallincam has arrived and a plan is in place to test it with several telescopes to determine which would be the best one to use.
  • Rex brought up the topic of the Night Sky Network and asked if the club was interested in joining it? Requirements were discussed including the possibility of dues. Larry will gather more information and report to the club.
  • The next topic of discussion was the donated equipment and what to do with it. A couple of the scopes will be tried with the Mallincam to see if they are suitable. The topic will be discussed at the board meeting, possibilities include raffle prizes at StarQuest, keeping and loaning out to members and possibly selling and using the money raised for club activities.
  • Gene Ramsey wants to publicize the availability of the club owned 8-inch Dobsonian for use by members. He also included the binocular eyepiece and will publicize them in the next issue of Sidereal times.
  • Gene also wants to test several of the donated eyepieces for use with the Dobsonian.
  • Other activities suggested were:
    • A members-only night at the observatory on a Saturday night during the summer.
    • A trip to Cherry Springs Park in Pennsylvania, weekends suggested were July 17/18, August 15/16 or May 16/17. The new moon weekend in June is already taken by a star party.
    • A field trip to the Naval Observatory in Washington DC. The tours are on Mondays.
    • A trip to Holmdell to see the Bell Labs Horn Antenna.
  • Larry wants to schedule a viewing night for the Washington Crossing Park trustees, perhaps in May during NJ History Day.
  • Super Science Day is May 9th.  The club is looking for volunteers for the club table.
  • A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.
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