by David Kaplan

The Planetary Society announced that it would send the first of two small spacecraft testing the technology of solar sails into orbit in May.

Astronomers say they have discovered a gigantic ring system around a distant planet – the first such structure discovered outside our Solar System.

The largest image of the Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31) has recently been unveiled by NASA. Made up of an astonishing 1.5 billion pixels, a total of 600 high-definition television screens are required to view the entirety of the image.

Researchers have decoded ancient recordings from fragments of an asteroid dating back billions of years to the start of the Solar System.

The Royal Photographic Society calls for entries into the International Images for Science competition:

What astrobiology can tell us about the fate of the planet.

The Town Without Wifi: Greenbank, WV

Astrophysicists studying the unstable “stellar monster” Eta Carinae unveil fresh insights and a 3D model of the destructive maelstrom at its heart.

Astronomers measure Saturn’s position with unprecedented accuracy thanks to a continent-wide radio telescope.

Scientists say a pair of supermassive black holes appear to be spiraling toward a galaxy-wrecking collision that could release as much energy as 100 million supernova explosions.

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