Minutes of the December 2014 Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

  • Rex opened the meeting at 7:30 and asked members to tell about any astronomy related activities
    • Gene talked about how he witnessed the launch of the Orion capsule
    • Rex went to the “Starstruck” exhibition at the Michner Museum.
  • There will be a tour of the PPL on February 4th, Rex will send out an email and organize it
  • Kate introduced this meeting’s speaker Vera Gluscevic and her talk titled “How do you collect dark matter?”
  • Rex informed the club that he will not be at the January general meeting. Larry Kane will lead the meeting.
  • Club members were invited to meet at the Princeton Market Fair theaters on Sunday, Dec 14th for the 4:30 show of the movie “Interstellar”.
  • The next meeting will be at Bowen Hall unless we at notified otherwise.
  • Articles need to be submitted by Dec 29th for the next edition of Sidereal Times.
  • The club was asked to approve the article for the Doylestown Non-Profit newsletter. Jim Poinsett will see that this is done.
  • The video technology committee has narrowed down the choices for the equipment and will make a “final” decision soon.
  • The Washington Crossing Park replaced the gate leading to the observatory but did not replace the club lock. Gene will follow up on this to get the lock replaced so we have access to the observatory.
  • The repairs to the observatory were postponed due to injury to the contractor.
  • A recipient for the donated dome has been found. East Carolina State University is the recipient, they do outreach for the poor and disadvantaged in the area. It is scheduled to be picked up on December 20.
  • A suggestion was made to mount the refractor on the donated paramount mount after raising the post to make it easier to view objects at or near the zenith. A second computer will be needed to operate the mount. They are just waiting for a break in the weather to see how everything will fit. Rex brought up that the plan is to discuss if the Hastings refractor is the best scope for the future of the club, not to make the refractor work at all costs.
  • The club’s newest keyholder is Freddie Missell.
  • The donation can at the observatory raised just over $60 this year.
  • Gene thanked all who donated refreshments for the clubs winter observing night that took place the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was brought up that many members did not know the event was taking place and that all club events should be announced by email several times.
  • Ludy told the club he has a friend involved with the Orion capsule that will be willing to speak to the club when he makes his way up here.
  • The Friends of Washington Crossing Park acknowledged our donation and on February 22nd they will be having a discussion on revolutionary war battles at the firehouse on Route 29. A table is available to us if we want to distribute literature and information on the club.
  • A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.
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