Mystery Over Monster Cosmic Cloud (contributed by David Kaplan)

Observations of a cosmic confrontation between a huge gas cloud and the black hole at the centre of our galaxy spark a debate.  BBC

The ‘Most Complicated’ Watch in the World (contributed by David Kaplan)

supercomplication_cutWhat made the Henry Graves Supercomplication, well, so complicated? BBC


The Starry Night and Fluid Dynamics (contributed by Michael Wright)

vangogh_starrynight M51

In 1889, inspired by a famous astronomical drawing that had been circulating in Europe for four decades,Vincent van Gogh painted his iconic masterpiece “The Starry Night,” one of the most recognized and reproduced images in the history of art. Brainpickings & Cosmigraphics

More Van Gogh (contributed by Michael Wright)

Bringing together sustainable energy concerns, modern art, and an impressionist classic, the Van Gogh Bicycle Path in Eindhoven, Netherlands comes to life each night when the stones in the trail light up in an homage to Van Gogh’s famous work, The Starry Night. Atlas Obscura

Ripples of the Big Bang Are Seen Through ‘The Times’ (contributed by David Kaplan)

In 1927, Georges Lemaître, an astronomer from Belgium, first proposed the theory that the universe was born in a giant primeval explosion. Four years later, The New York Times mentioned his new idea.  NY Times

A Graphic Guide to Space Animals (contributed by Michael Wright)

Humans have employed a whole menagerie of animals in experiments in survival. None of them chose to go on space voyages, and while there is something somber in that lack of consent, these brave creatures are also representative of the expansion of possibility in space exploration. Check out this graphic guide to some of these incredible astro-beasts. Atlas Obscura

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