Minutes of the November 11, 2014 AAAP Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

  • Rex brought the meeting to order at 7:30 and suggested we have the membership vote on the technology proposal for the WC Observatory while most of the members were in attendance.
  • Larry Kane was introduced and outlined the specifics of the proposal for the membership. He asked Michael Mitrano to inform the club on the treasury balance. Michael stated the balance is currently a little under $26,000 dollars and the technology proposal would use less than 25% of that. There was some additional discussion, if it would be possible to set up an internet feed if we ever add internet service to the observatory. The membership was reminded that this is not the same as astrophotography. A motion was made and seconded to bring the issue to a vote. The proposal was approved unanimously.
  • Kate then introduced the speaker for the evening, Dr. Steven Mazlin and his talk “Fourth Dimension Astro-imaging”.
  • After the talk Bob Vanderbei shared his images of Barnard’s star and of Jupiter during the daytime.
  • There was some discussion on the club’s “Flicker” account for member photos.
  • There was discussion on the Rosetta spacecraft and the upcoming landing on the comet of the probe Philae.
  • Discussion on the video proposal, a timetable to get things done. It was decided that Larry and Michael will get together to purchase the camera. The possibility of buying some of the hardware used to save money will also be looked into.
  • There were 20 responses to the free dome advertised in Astro-mart. All the pieces need to be gathered in one place for whoever will pick it up. We also need to make sure they know what size truck is needed to transport it. Rex and Michael will coordinate the responses.
  • Program Chair Kate Otto thanked everyone who has sent in suggestions for speakers. We are set for the next 3 months.
  • Next was a discussion on the fate of the HB refractor. It has been determined that the pier can be raised about 8” to make it easier to use. John showed us some old pictures of the scope and the crew that used it during the eclipse in the 1800’s. Discussion will continue as to replace or not.
  • Gene informed us the park is repairing the gate at Bear Tavern Road. Winterizing the observatory will take place after the weekend of 11/22. The contractor doing the repair work was delayed by injury, the work will be done soon. The locks will be moved once the gate is repaired. We were also reminded that the dirt road is not plowed and is sometimes blocked by the plowing the park does do.
  • The issue of updating the computer and software at the observatory was brought up for discussion. It was decided that nothing needs to be done right away, and it is something that should be considered for next spring.
  • Green Hall is set for January’s meeting as Peyton Hall will be closed for HVAC work.
  • The donated camera is in the observatory ready for use by members.
  • Larry brought us up to date on the activities of the Washington Crossing Park Association. It has been suggested that if we support their activities they in turn would probably support us. The possibility of donating stone to shore up the road by the campsites while we get stone for our driveway was brought up.
  • A motion to adjourn the meeting was made and seconded. Meeting adjourned.
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