Minutes of September 9, 2014 AAAP Meeting

by James Poinsett, Secretary

Director Rex Parker opened the meeting with a brief introspective of the AAAP and expressed his thanks to Princeton University for the use of their facilities.

The Board meetings are scheduled for this coming year. They will be on October 7, 2014, January 6, 2015, April 7, 2015 and July 7, 2015.  All are on the first Tuesday of the month.

The meeting opened by discussing members recent astronomy experiences. Rex discussed his recent Perseid experience in California. Bill, Saul and Kate also shared their recent observations.

A “Telescope of the Month” feature was introduced. Rex started this off by showing and talking about his Celestron C-11. He also briefly mentioned a video technology proposal for discussion later in the business portion of the meeting.

Program Chair Kate Otto introduced this month’s speaker, Aram Friedman. A large portion of Aram’s talk was about his experiences viewing and recording the 2012 Transit of Venus from Hawaii.

The business meeting began with a discussion on improving member and public observing at the Washington Crossing observatory. Rex presented a technology proposal to use live video imaging and suggested using a camera from Mallincam, www.mallincam.net. Larry Kane will head a committee to come up with a proposal by the October board meeting. The main concern was about the added wires creating tripping hazards.

Mike Wright discussed StarQuest planning. Ludy D’Angelo will handle the cooking and meal planning. The star party information has been sent to other clubs and the publicity has been taken care of. We are still looking for activities for the daytime.

Outreach Chair David Letcher reminded everyone about the October 30th viewing party at the Unionville Winery. Bear Tavern School is having a Sunrise Science program and is looking for volunteers to speak about astronomy topics. David will again be hosting his classes in Backyard Astronomy the first four Fridays in October.

Gene Ramsey informed us that the staff at the park is greatly reduced, and they are not locking the gate properly. The park is not insisting on our using the Church Rd. entrance so we can continue using the entrance by the soccer fields. Be sure to be considerate of campers and hopefully we can continue using that entrance.

Larry brought us up to date on the activities of the Friends of Washington Crossing Park.

Kate said we have speakers through December.

Larry will bring in a telescope for October’s “Telescope of the Month”.

Meeting was adjourned.

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