From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane

When I first heard that a group of interested people were getting together to form an organization that would be there to help Washington Crossing Park, I knew that I should offer my time and energy to that task. This was going to be an organization that would protect the park in which our observatory was located. I offered my services to a group that turned out to include historians, authors, naturalists and many who are skilled at designing and implementing strategies that will provide support and enhancement of the Washington Crossing Park.

The months that I have been fortunate enough to serve as a Trustee of the Washington Crossing Park Association, NJ have been both educative and rewarding. I have helped to nurture the birth and early development of an organization that will grow and thrive. It will allow the WC Park to provide a range of experiences and memories to attendees of all ages. Plans are now being made for events that will bring many people to the WC Park. As an organization within the WC Park, the AAAP can take part in these events through its outreach efforts. Many of those who have attended events in the Park were surprised to learn that it had an observatory. Our outreach efforts will be more productive as the programs of the Washington Crossing Park Association are implemented.

This organization has to date, organized and participated in three major events: two involving the clean-up of trails damaged by Hurricane Sandy and the annual historical event in May that included dozens of organizations and brought in hundreds of visitors to the park. The organization is still in the process of its initial growth and needs the input from interested members of the public and members of organizations that have an affinity for the programs it inspires and supports. I think it provides for a natural alliance between our two groups. Members of the AAAP should support the development of the Washington Crossing Park Association. Check out its website at and visit it on Facebook. Membership in the organization is $25 per year. A strong showing of AAAP members who joined the WCPA, would send a clear message that our club and its members stand behind the efforts of the WCPA to repair, renew and improve the park for those who will be able to enjoy it. Annual dues and/or donations to the WCPA may be mailed to the Washington Crossing Park Association, P.O Box 83, Titusville, NJ, 08560-0083. The capacity to accept on-line memberships and donations is in the works.

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