Minutes of June 10, 2014 AAAP Meeting

By James Poinsett, Secretary

  • Rex Parker called the meeting to order and welcomed all to the planetarium
  • He reminded everyone that StarQuest was coming up on the weekend of  Sept 26-28
  • He announced plans for a board meeting on June 30 (meeting was actually held on July 1)
  • Observatory Chair Gene Ramsey introduced Daniel Benjamin as our newest keyholder and notified everyone that we only need 2 more keyholders to have a full roster.
  • Treasurer, Michael Mitrano, reported everything was good.
  • Outreach announced an event at the State Museum in Trenton on June 22nd. Everyone should have received an email about this.
  • Gene notified the club that the Gemini mount was installed at the observatory, the goto works and the wi-fi works.
  • Larry Kane brought news from the Friends of Washington Crossing Park.  The the park is down to three maintenance workers and perhaps it would be best if we could arrange for our members to mow the grass at the observatory.
  • Rex adjourned the meeting.
  • Bill Murray then presented one of the newest planetarium shows on “Black Holes” and also showed us several objects that we could show visitors to the observatory during the summer months in addition to the usual star clusters.
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