Proposed Field Trip to Arizona Sky

by Rex Parker

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At the November meeting, I presented “Galaxies, Comets and Pixels from the High Desert”, a glimpse of an astronomy haven, the Mt Lemmon Sky Center.  Located an hour north of Tucson AZ, the site has excellent facilities for astronomy on the top of 9300-ft. high Mt Lemmon.  The highlights of my trip were observing visually and with CCD camera under the tutelage of renowned astrophotographer Adam Bloch.  Adam runs the University of Arizona programs on Mt Lemmon. He has the keys to a fantastic 32-inch RC telescope, which gave the best deep-sky views I’ve ever seen, under clear dark skies (sub 2-arcsec. seeing).

Here’s a concept to consider:  a 2014 AAAP field trip to Tucson and Mt Lemmon.  On a long weekend or more, we could combine astrophotography and image processing techniques with visual observing, or do strictly visual observing depending on members’ interest.  The club would have to formally arranged the details to get access to the 32-inch RC Schulman telescope with Adam or an assistant in charge.  The costs would include airfare to Phoenix or Tucson, car rental, and lodging and meals at the University’s facilities on the mountain, plus a stay-over in the Tucson area.

If you’re interested please let me know.  We can discuss at an upcoming meeting.  It would be great to have a AAAP field trip to Mt Lemmon.

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