StarQuest 2014 – Volunteers Needed

by Michael Wright

Welcome astronomers

Welcome Astronomers. Credit: M. Wright

Save the date! We have reserved the Hope Conference Center for the weekend of September 26 to 28 for StarQuest 2014. This weekend is in the sweet spot between the hot, short nights of summer and the chilly, frosty nights of fall. We had to settle for the first weekend after new moon because the previous weekend was already taken. Even with the new moon up in the early evening, darkness will be longer than in the summertime.

To make StarQuest 2014 a full-blown celebration of astronomy, we need members to join in the planning. Ludy D’Angelo, Kate Otto, Jim Poinsett and I have already stepped up. How about you? If we have enough volunteers, we can have a swap meet, a raffle, a Saturday afternoon lecture and other interesting activities. If not, StarQuest 2014 will only be an observing event. If you are interested in helping, please send me an email or talk to me at the next meeting. Let’s make StarQuest 2014 one to remember.

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