From the Outreach Chair

by David Letcher, Outreach Chair

Well, star party season has started with our usual visits. Monday evening, October 28 saw us at the Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick showing Ms. McCarthy’s astronomy class a few sky objects. Unfortunately, there was a thin layer of clouds that prevented us from seeing a lot of objects but we were able to see Venus, the double double in Lyra, and a couple of globular clusters. Thanks to members Jeff Bernardis, Mary and Pat Hayes, David Zahler, Victor Davis and yours truly for volunteering!

Saturday evening, November 2 will see Gene Ramsey and some others visit South Hunterdon High School and do some stargazing with the school’s astronomy class.

Friday evening, November 15th will see a number of volunteers visiting Newell Elementary School in Allentown, NJ. This evening is part of their “Science-Live” night. The visit is one of our regular star parties and is very well attended! Let’s hope for clear skies and lots of volunteers!

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