From the Director – Welcome to the 51st Year of the AAAP

by Jeff Bernardis, Director

In addition to the tremendous slate of speakers that we will have at our monthly meetings, there are several other exciting things going on. I’d like to get more people involved in these activities because there is so much more to the club than just coming to the lectures. You’re going to hear this repeatedly from me during my tenure.

Consider this. We are currently working on adding an observatory to our Washington Crossing location. This will utilize equipment we hope to obtain from a donation. There is already a team working on this, but they would welcome additional interested members. See Michael Mitrano if you’re interested.

One of the major aspects of our community outreach is the Friday sessions at the existing observatory. The observatory is staffed by one of six teams of keyholders – members who have undergone keyholder training. Gene Ramsey coordinates this training – see him if you are interested in becoming a keyholder.

Dave Letcher coordinates our outreach to local schools, scout troops, etc., and is always looking for volunteers. This is more of an adhoc activity – you can go to as many or as few as you wish. Listen for the meeting announcements for these efforts, or express your interest to Dave so he can add you to his email list.

Finally, there are occasional needs for volunteers – such as StarQuest the picnic, etc. So please help us out by getting involved with the club activities.

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