by Michael Wright, Secretary

StarQuest, our annual star party, will be held the first weekend in September (Sept. 6 to 8) at the Hope Conference and Renewal Center, Hope, NJ. Of all the star parties in the region, StarQuest has the best location. The conference center is located under dark skies in the bucolic hills of Warren County not far from Jenny Jump State Park. In addition to a nice lodge for socializing and meals, the facilities include clean comfortable cabins with indoor showers. Camp sites are also available for those who prefer to rough it. Again this year, Chef Ludy D’Angelo will be catering sumptuous breakfast and dinner on Saturday. Please see the announcement and registration form on our website for more details.
StarQuest or email me.

I encourage everyone to attend. I have attended StarQuest twice before, and I am looking forward to another enjoyable weekend. There is something for everyone: observing under dark skies, communing with nature, learning about our hobby, making new friends, and noshing on good food. Your spouse might even like it. Even if the skies are cloudy, sharing time with fellow astronomers is rewarding.

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