From the Editors

Surabhi Agarwal, Co-editor

In a week, on May 11th we will have a star-studded party with Prof. Freeman Dyson, Astronaut Greg Olsen, Author Michael Lemonick among others attending our 50th anniversary festivities. David Spergel, J. Richard Gott, Lisa Kaltenegger and Bob Vanderbei will ponder over ways to meet an alien, any alien in faraway galaxies.

Meanwhile, Renée Hlozek, Michael Lemonick and our own David Letcher are poring over a hundred and twenty five poems submitted by students from elementary to high school. They will soon declare the best poets. The winners will be invited to attend the function.

Over 90 guests have already registered for what will be an astronomically educational and enjoyable night. We still have until Wednesday, May 8th for the procrastinator to send in their money. Get excited!!

If you have registered and prefer vegetarian then please email us at

If you have missed the earlier editions of this monthly, here is the information. We will meet at 5:00 P.M. in the dining hall of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

Cannot join us for dinner at 5:00P.M.!  Don’t worry, join us later at 7:30 for the panel discussion at the Wolfensohn Hall. Some of our members are setting up their telescopes on the lawns of the institute to watch the sky after the discussion. Bring your family and friends to watch Jupiter and its moons.

We need a couple of volunteers to help with the parking and watch over the telescopes. High school students are welcome to volunteer. They will receive volunteer hours from the club. Email me if your high schooler wants to volunteer.

See you on May 11th!

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