From the Director

Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

I hope everyone is having a bearable summer with this heat. As a result, there hasn’t been much opportunity to get out and do some observing. The heat haze is a real downer, but I hope that some of you have gone on vacations to nice clear sky areas and enjoyed the nature and sky around you. Write an article for ST and share your experiences.

My summer finds myself on vacation in Minnesota one again. We go every year. This year I brought my large binoculars, but never had a chance to use them for astronomy. We did see the great bald eagle that inhabits the lake again.

At the last AAAP Board meeting, we discussed several things (see Board minutes in this issue.) We will have a picnic on September 15th for all members (time and venue to be announced). We will look into Starquest for October or November, and we will have a 50th anniversary dinner in November in lieu of our November meeting. Stay tuned for more on these upcoming activities. Kate Otto has been working diligently to secure guest speakers for our up coming year. We are planning some work parties for both Washington Crossing and Jenny Jump. Plus we are looking into a major donation for the observatories.

As always, all these activities cannot be done by a certain few. We encourage all of you to speak up or volunteer to help plan and implement all these activities. And add more too!

I understand that Gene Ramsey, long time member and Observatory Chair, had undergone major heart surgery. As of this writing, he is recuperating slowly and will be out of commission for several months. I have appointed Jeff Bernardis as temporary Observatory Chair. Any issues with the observatory should be addressed to him. Lets all keep Gene in our thoughts for a speedy recovery.

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