The Rosette Nebula

Rosette Nebula

Rosette Nebula. Credit: Brian Van Liew

Astrophotography – An Inside Look

Years ago I had offered interested members a SIG (special interest group) on getting into astrophotography. Over the last year, I have not been active in imaging. Well, as it is starting to warm up, I would like to start this again. I am currently using a DSLR as my imaging camera and would like to share what I use to image with in both hardware and software.

Since this meeting would take place at my home in Belle Mead, NJ, I can only open it up to a few at a time. Once I see how much interest there is in this, I will notify the respondents a date and time that works best. I’m thinking some time in late March or in April. So if you would like to have an inside look at what it takes to image, contact me at

Brian Van Liew

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