October 11, 2011 Board Meeting

by Larry Kane, Secretary

  • The meeting was called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo. He presented an observatory key to new key-holder Ira Polans.
  • Ludy announced that StarQuest has been re-scheduled to November 18-20. The menu will be simplified but will still be a brunch and a dinner on Saturday. The Hope Center was very cooperative and helpful. We have a good collection of door prizes for StarQuest. Orion Telescopes made a very good donation of equipment.
  • Secretary’s Report: Kane reported that he sent out a notice to the membership requesting that the dues be paid.
  • Treasurer’s Report: The report appears in another section of the Sidereal Times.
  • Outreach: Outreach Chair David Letcher noted that he got a request from the Millstone Middle School for a Family Night on October 20. There is also a request from the Chapin School and a cub scout troop to visit the observatory on Saturday, October 22. Also, on November 18, Allentown will be holding their Science Night. David noted the help that Gene Ramsey has provided to him to run the astronomy class he is teaching at the Nature Center.
  • Observatory Committee: Gene Ramsey noted that he regularly invites campers to visit the observatory.
  • Program Chair: Mario Livio will be the speaker for May, 2012. Ludy is investigating the possibility of club members putting together a trip to Chile or New Mexico. This could be a way to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary next year.
  • Sidereal Times: Editor Michael Wright thanked member and co-editor Surabhi Agarwal for getting out the newsletter while he was away. The next deadline for articles is October 29.
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