From the Outreach Chair

by David Letcher, Outreach Chair

I have five items to report.

First, my four Friday evening astronomy classes, held at the Nature Center, came to a close on October 21st. Judging by the comments from the attendees, they were a success! The general theme was “backyard astronomy.” Participants who attended all four sessions “graduated” by receiving a signed certificate of attendance. Many thanks to Gene Ramsey, Larry Kane, Jeff Bernardis, and Ludy D’Angelo for volunteering at the observatory and letting my students view the heavens through various telescopes.

Second, thanks to Gene Ramsey for opening the observatory and entertaining cub scouts on Saturday, October 15th.

Third, thanks to Brian van Liew and Jim Poinsett for volunteering to do a star party at the Millstone River School on Thursday evening, October 20th. This was a hastily scheduled star party, but from what Brian said, it was a success with clear skies.

Fourth, thanks to Jeff Bernardis and Gene Ramsey for opening the observatory for a group of cub scouts on October 22 and to Michael Wright, Gene Ramsey, and Larry Kane for opening the observatory for the Chapin School and many campers on October 15.
Let me know if I missed anyone’s name. I’ll be sure to mention you in the next issue.

Fifth, on the star party front, we have been invited to participate at the Upper Freehold Regional PTA’s “Science Night Live” in Allentown, NJ on Friday evening, November 18th. This event will be held at the Newell Elementary School. I’ll be sending a request for volunteers and directions soon.

That’s all for now!

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