September 13, 2011 Board Meeting

by Larry Kane, Secretary

  • Director Ludy D’Angelo called the first meeting of the 2011-2012 season to order.
  • Observatory Report: Gene Ramsey announced that the park personnel need to be contacted concerning the ruts in the road that were created by the hurricane water and its effects on the gate need to be addressed.
  • Secretary’s Report: Larry Kane stated that he had added information about new members to the roster.
  • Treasurer’s Report: 2011-12 dues are due.
  • Public Outreach Report: Outreach Coordinator David Letcher indicated that the AAAP has been invited back by the Allentown Schools for their
    Science Night in November. The 17th is the tentative date. Dave also noted that he received a request from a Hopewell Scout troop requesting an event on Saturday, October 22, which is the evening they are camping in the park. He told them that he would send out an email to see if any members could bring their telescopes that night. Several members at the meeting responded that they could be there.
  • Sidereal Times: Michael Wright noted that Surabhi Agarwal agreed to be Co-editor. The next deadline is September 26.
  • Ludy noted that next year is the 50-th anniversary of the club and he requested sug-gestions on how to celebrate the event. Gene Ramsey noted that there will be a transit of Venus on June 5. Larry Kane suggested that we invite Congressman Rush Holt to such an event and advertise that he will be there.
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