From the Program Chair

by Ken Levy, Program Chair

October’s lecture promises to be extra special with the appearance of eminent physicist Dr. Freeman Dyson. Dr. Dyson has contributed an incredible body of work from formulations of quantum electrodynamics in 1949 to being a regular contributor to the New York Review of Books in 2011. A member of the Institute of Advanced Study, an appointment conferred to him by Robert Oppenheimer, Dyson speaks with amazing insight, passion and humor on many topics.

Dr. Freeman Dyson

Dr. Freeman Dyson, eminent physicist

Dr. Dyson’s lecture will deal with the search for life in the universe, eschewing obvious targets like planets in favor of moons, asteroids and comets as more likely places to explore. Always able to present his many interests in a totally relatable way, this will be a lecture not to miss.

Other upcoming speakers for the ’11-’12 season include:

Nov 8: – Ken Kremer, NASA Fellow, “Atlantis, the End of America’s Shuttle Program and What’s Beyond for NASA”

March 13: – Mark Trodden, University of Pennsylvania, “Dark Matter”

April 10: – Gregory Matloff, NYC College of Technology, “Biosphere Extension”

TBA: – Mario Livio, Senior Astrophysicist, the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute, topic to be announced

If anyone has any suggestions for future lecturers, please let me know.

We’re planning a “Meet the Speaker” dinner at the Triumph Brew Pub on Nassau Street at 6 pm on October 11. Please contact me ( for a reservation by no later than Monday, October 10 if you’d like to attend.

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