May 10, 2011 AAAP Meeting Minutes

by Michael Wright for Larry Kane, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo at 8:00PM.

Ludy verified that a quorum of the members was present to elect the 2011-12 officers.  He presented the following nominations to the membership:

  • Director: Ludy D’Angelo
  • Assistant Director: Jeff Bernardis
  • Treasurer: Michael Mitrano
  • Secretary: Larry Kane
  • Program Chair: Ken Levy

There were no additional nominations from the floor.  Hamilton Potter motioned to accept the candidates, which was seconded by Saul Mroz.  The members present approved the slate of officers for 2011-12 by a voice vote.

Princeton Astrophysical Sciences graduate student Khee-Gan Lee presented a talk entitled:  “Quasars and the Lyman-alpha Forest: A Look into the Cosmic Boom Town,”

After a brief intermission, Ludy called the business meeting to order.

Super Science Saturday: Ludy said that the club had a table and solar telescopes at the event on May 7.  Volunteers came forth at the last minutes to help out.  He emphasized that club participation is important because of AAAP’s relationship with the State Museum and Washington Crossing Park.

Picnic:  Ludy asked for opinions on holding a picnic for members and their families on June 4.  It was agreed that the picnic will be held at Ludy’s house beginning at 4:00PM.   The club will provide the basics and members will be asked to contribute other items.  An observing session will be held after dark at the observatory.  Ludy will email an announcement to all members.  Prompt RSVPs will help the planning.

Treasurer’s Report:  Michael Mitrano reported that the AAAP now has 87 members, which is two less than last year.  See Treasurer’s Report.

Star Quest: Ludy and Jeff Bernardis will coordinate requesting prize donations from vendors.

Program:  Retiring Program Chair John Church announced that the next meeting will be a planetarium show by Bill Murray at the State Planetarium on June 14 at 7:30PM.  This is a members-only event.  Reminders will be sent to the membership, and press releases will not be sent out.  Ludy thanked John for his work.  John received a round of applause. John said he enjoyed arranging and meeting the speakers, and hoped the tradition would continue.  He wished luck to incoming Program Chair Ken Levy and offered his help with next season’s speakers.  Ken said that he is arranging speakers and will announce them when dates are confirmed.  Gene Ramsey said that graduate students who are working for leading researchers make great speakers because they can present the latest research.

Outreach:  Bill Murray announced that the State Planetarium will be bringing guests to the observatory on Friday, May 13 after their evening planetarium show so this may be a busy public night.  Ludy D’Angelo requested that members come out to help and bring scopes.

Observatory:  Gene Ramsey said that he and Jeff Bernardis are finalizing the plans to upgrade the alarm system at the observatory.  Gene asked for a volunteer to cut the grass because the park staff is not cutting it.  After a brief discussion, Ludy said that he would speak to the park director about the problem and point out the benefits that AAAP brings to the park.

Sidereal Times:  Michael Wright announced that the deadline for the June issue will be June 3 and encouraged members to submit articles.  John Church thanked Mike for sending press releases to the local media announcing AAAP’s meetings this year.

Bill Murray requested a keyholder to cover his observatory duty night on May 27 because he will be at the Cherry Springs Star Party.

A Board meeting will be held over the Summer.  Ludy will announce the date and time via email.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:00PM.

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