From the Director

by Ludy D’Angelo, Director AAAP

There is not much to say, so I will say very little.

There hasn’t been very much activity since the weather has been so bad. We opened the observatory on April 1st and it seems that April fool’s joke is running all month long.  We have had to cancel the first five public observing nights this season. We hope that the next public observing night on May 6th will turn out to be clear.  Nonetheless, we will persevere; we’ve got to catch a break sometime.

At our last meeting, I appointed Rex Parker to lead a task force to decide the best use of our new donated Gemini G-11 mount.  This process will take some time, I’m sure. The results will hopefully be something that we can all participate in.

Some upcoming dates to remember:

May 7thSuper Science Day at the State Museum and Planetarium complex in Trenton. We need volunteers to staff a table with exhibits and information and to set up some solar/terrestrial scopes for outside if it is clear. We will be inside if it is raining because this is a rain or shine event. Please contact David Letcher ( if you can participate.

May 10thAAAP Club Meeting.  Ken Kremer had to cancel his talk, but we have found a substitute for the lecture. See the Program Chair’s report for more information.

June 4thAAAP Annual Picnic.  Location and time will be announced. We need some help to set this up.  Please contact me if interested.

As I indicated above, our next meeting will be May 10th at 8 PM in Peyton Hall.

See you all there!

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