April 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes

by Ludy D’Angelo, Director AAAP

Director Ludy D’Angelo took notes in absence of the Secretary.

The meeting of the AAAP started at 8 PM in Peyton Hall.

The lecture by Dr. Michael Molnar entitled “The Star of Bethlehem” was well attended.

After the break, the business meeting commenced. The nomination Chair, Bill Murray, presented the slate of candidates for the next AAAP Board.  They are:

  • Director: Ludovico D’Angelo
  • Assistant Director: Jeff Bernardis
  • Secretary: Larry Kane
  • Treasurer: Michael Mitrano
  • Program Chair: Ken Levy

The slate of candidates will be voted on at the AAAP meeting in May.

The Director appointed Rex Parker to lead a task force to determine best use of the donated Losmandy Mount, and possible observatory changes to accommodate its use.

Outreach chair, David Letcher, reported on past and upcoming events. There is the Hopewell Valley “Come out and Play” event, and the NJ State Planetarium Super Science Day coming up. He has asked for volunteers for those events.

Program Chair, John Church, reported that the May 10th speaker would be Ken Kremer, and the June meeting will be held at the State Planetarium where Member Bill Murray will give a presentation to the club.

There was no Treasurer’s report, other than what was reported in Sidereal Times.

The meeting ended at approximately 10:15 PM

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