Membership Meeting Minutes March 8, 2011

by Larry Kane, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo.

1.        Bill Murray has accepted the duties of Nomination Chair.

2.        It was announced that the club needs to pay its dues for UACNJ membership, and to send delegates to go to their board meetings.  It was decided that Bill Murray will be the primary and Ludy D’Angelo will be the backup representatives.  The UACNJ will have a booth at the balloon festival.

3.        Two of the editors of Sidereal Times have resigned and a request was made for someone to assume the responsibility of editor.  Ira will remain in his position until a replacement is identified.

4.        The next Board meeting will be held on March 23.

5.        There was no Secretary’s report.

6.        Program Chair report – Current chair, John Church, announced the details of the remainder of the season.

7.        The Treasurer’s report appears in another section of  Sidereal Times.

8.        Webmaster John Miller discussed a misuse of Twitter as a communications tool between members.  He will set up the club’s Facebook page for that purpose.  He suggested that this page be made available to every member. He volunteered to be the administrator.

9.        Member Michael Wright stated that the number of hits on the club’s blog has increased and some members have left comments.

10.     Outreach Coordinator – David Letcher discussed requests that have been received from the Hopewell Elementary School, the Millstone School in Plainsboro and the Stuart County Day School.  The Waldorf School requested that we donate a star party for their fund raiser auction.   The consensus was that we ask them to come to our observatory, but not on a public night.

11.     Observatory Report – Gene Ramsey stated that a keyholder asked him to do a refresher course.  He said that he would do so and invite all keyholders.  John Giles reported that the repaired controller and guider were installed on the refractor but the motors did not respond.  It was decided that the motors may required new grease and the gears may need to be cleaned.  Gene and John Church will check out the mount motors.  Gene and Jeff Bernardis are still getting information on security systems.

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