From the Program Chair

by John Church, Program Chair

On April 12th, we will be treated to a talk by Dr. Michael R. Molnar on the subject of his researches on the Star of Bethlehem.  Since one of the celestial events he will be discussing occurred in a long-ago April, the timing of his talk is very appropriate. He will be offering copies of his book on this subject for sale during the intermission, which he would of course be glad to sign.

Dr. Michael Molnar

Dr. Michael Molnar

Dr. Molnar is an astronomer, educator, and researcher with a long history in academe and industry. He received his Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Wisconsin in 1971 and went on to do pioneering research in the field of magnetic stars by using satellite observations. Dr. Molnar served on the research teams for several space missions such as the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory-2 (1971) and Mariner 9 Mars Orbiter (1973).  He has lectured and conducted research at the University of Colorado, the University of Toledo, and Rutgers University.

Dr. Molnar also has a diverse background in industry, where he developed spectrometer and fiber optic systems and managed various computer system projects.  He was National Director of Academics at The Chubb Institute.  A person of wide interests, he is also a maker of violins.

There will be a “Meet the Speaker” dinner at 6:00 pm before the meeting. Please email me by noon on Tuesday, April 12th for a reservation.  I will respond with the dinner location, which has yet to be determined. It will be at either the Sports Bar (old Sotto) or the Triumph Brewing Company, which are close to one another on Nassau Street in Princeton.  To insure a place or places at the table, it will be very important to make all reservations by noon on the 12th.

On May 10th, we will be hearing our own Dr. Ken Kremer’s talk on the future of NASA.  To round out our current session, we will have our traditional presentation by former Director Bill Murray in the New Jersey State Planetarium in Trenton on June 14th.

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