February 2011 Meeting Minutes

by Larry Kane, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Director Ludy D’Angelo.

Secretary’s Report: There was no Secretary’s report

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer was not in attendance but the Treasurer’s report appears in another section of the Sidereal Times.

Website: The Director will contact webmaster John Miller and David Zoller about updating the AAAP website.

Program Chair Report: John Church provided the line-up of speakers for the remainder of the 2011 season.  John announced that he will not be running for Program Chair next season and he called for members to step up and volunteer for the position.

Outreach Report: David Letcher reported on the Lawrenceville Elementary School.  The next event will be at the Hopewell Elementary School Science night on March 25.  He will send out an email and ask for volunteers.  Member Bill Murray announced that the original date for the State Museum’s Super Science Saturday has been changed from April 16 to May 7.  It was announced that an elementary school in Summit wants to hold a star party on March 24.  Larry Kane announced that a local paper in Bucks County, PA had a descriptive article on the AAAP.

Other Outreach: Ludy was contacted by the Grounds for Sculpture.  They want to do a large community event in November and invited the AAAP.

Picnic: Ludy announced that we will have one this Spring or early Summer.  He asked for some dates.  Member Dee Bosch volunteered to help coordinate it.  A consensus date of June 4 was agreed to, by those in attendance.

Observatory Report: John Giles reported that he got our refractor mount back from Losmandy. It required a new hand controller that cost $20. He is waiting for some decent weather to put the mount together and test it.  Gene Ramsey said that the Park personnel are not plowing the snow.   He and Jeff Bernardis are still investigating the upgrading of the alarm system.  The goal is to keep the cost under $300.  Rex Parker said tht a former member, Bob Wolf, will donate a G11 GOTO model Losmandy mount that we may be able to use with the refractor.  Ludy raised the issue of adding a third telescope at the observatory.  We might set up a dome next to the observatory.  John Church reported on the physics of measuring whether a mount will work with our refractor, and how efficiently it will do it.  He needs more information about the G11.  It was agreed that we should accept the gift and that we will use it.  We could add a permanent pad outside the observatory.

Sidereal Times – The next deadline for articles is February 23.   Editor Ira Polans announced that co-editor Bryan Hubbard can no longer serve.

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