From the Director

By Ludovico D’Angelo, Director

Snow! And more snow! And very cold! I used to never mind it, but this year it’s bugging me. It’s stopping or delaying many things. Our last meeting canceled (a rarity!), very cold observing nights, very cold Outreach nights. But you know what’s coming? SPRING! March and April bring chances at Messier Marathons. Maybe we could do one, maybe it won’t snow, or rain, or sleet, or hail. Who am I kidding, this is New Jersey, and it’s going to do all of that.

Our last meeting was cancelled, as you all know, because of snow. If ever there is a doubt in your mind if a meeting will be cancelled or not, go to the website, it will be posted prominently on the home page. We also Twitter the announcement for those of you who link to Twitter. Ken Kremer’s lecture will be rescheduled to our May meeting. Please join us for our next meeting on February 8th at 8 PM.  Let’s hope for no precipitation.

Very soon, as it gets warmer again, we’ll be making plans for activities in the Spring and Summer. We will have a club picnic sometime in the Spring. We open the observatory to the public again starting in April. We’ll be doing some equipment upgrading from another generous donation to the club.  Also, there will be Super Science day at the State Planetarium coming up soon.

Also, we will soon be looking for another round of nominations for the next Board of Trustees of the club. This needs to be done by the May meeting. We need a volunteer to lead a nomination committee by our March meeting. We will be taking nominations for Director, Assistant Director, Program Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. And we still are in need of a membership chair/committee. More help with public outreach, and needing more keyholders. If you are interested in helping your club’s management and growth, please be generous with your interest and time. Drop me an email if you have questions.

See you all on February 8th!

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