November 2010 Meeting Minutes

by Larry Kane, Secretary

Director Ludy D’Angelo called the meeting to order

Lunar Eclipse Event
Bill Murray announced that on the early morning of December 21, there will be a significant total lunar eclipse.  A discussion was held whether the AAAP should get together at our Washington Crossing observatory and invite the public.  Bill said that he would publicize the event at his showings at the New Jersey State Planetarium.  It was agreed that, weather permitting, the club will hold an eclipse event at the observatory.

Secretary’s Report
There was no report given.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer’s Report appears in another section of the Sidereal Times.

Outreach Coordinator Dave Letcher stated that the AAAP will conduct a Star Party at the Allentown Middle School this coming Friday.   Member Dee Bosh has requested a Star Party at the Pemberton High School on two nights, November 18 and 19.  Dave will contact Vic Ballenger to try to get some of the materials he used in his astronomy class.

Co-Chair Gene Ramsey announced that the donation can, placed at the observatory, had over $100 in it.  Gene and Jeff Bernardis are looking at upgrades to the observatory security system.  John Giles announced that he contacted Scott Losmandy and was told that the refractor controller could be fixed for about $40.  Gene and John Church will winterize the observatory, this weekend.

Sidereal Times
The next deadline for articles is December 1.  Michael Wright is developing a mock-up of Sidereal Times at WordPress.

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