December Meeting

by John Church, Program Chair

Robert Vanderbei

Robert Vanderbei

J Richard Gott

J Richard Gott

Our speakers for the December 14th meeting will be Profs. Bob Vanderbei and J. Richard Gott, III of Princeton University, discussing the topic of “Sizing Up The Universe.” This is the title of their just-published National Geographic book, featuring many photos taken by Bob (also an active AAAP member) from his own driveway.  At the intermission our speakers will be signing copies of the book, which will be on sale.  Please join us for what promises to be a most interesting and timely event.

The new book explains what sorts of objects populate our universe, from nearby objects in the Solar System to the most distant objects in the visible universe.  It first explains how great minds figured out the distances to these objects.   It then takes the reader on a tour of the universe, starting with objects in our solar system and moving out progressively to more and more distant objects.

For more background on our speakers, please see their respective web pages J. Richard Gott and Robert Vanderbei

There will be a “Meet the Speakers” dinner at the Triumph Brewing Company on Nassau Street, beginning at 6:00 pm before the meeting.  For reservations, please contact John Church via email by no later than noon on Tuesday, Dec. 14th so that a table can be reserved.

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