A New Book From Freelance Writer, Obaidur Rahman

The Mystery of Time Travel


Time is a simple word, though it remains truly the most mysterious and vicious phenomena where every living and non-living ones are its victim. This antediluvian force of nature shows no mercy as it moves along every path, every corner sniffing over its wounded and marks victory over one after another. Time mystifies us with the maze of moments and wraps up in the illusion that it would last forever.

Tirelessly, we chase the days as we make it to the journey of life as we know it. The fixture of sunrise and sunset detonates the moments, and all familiarity seems like occasions held seconds ago. There is no escape. The mystic hands of the clock never greet one at the same spot twice.

But, what if we could actually travel back in time and into the future? 

Author/Book Link: https://independent.academia.edu/Obaid

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