Let’s go out on a limb

by Theodore R Frimet

and try not to hang ourselves with the truth

Space Force. Federal Employees get paid leave. Compromise. Whatever. Don’t attribute any of this to the current administration. We are ready to hand them their hats.

Let’s gain some perspective. National momentum provides a means and way of advancing space exploration. Another military branch development, specializing in space, appears to bear the weight of truth, if not a fact of necessity.

Consider the hundreds of thousands of orbiting space junk. One small, tidbit size piece, accelerated to faster than your fathers old jalopy, can bring death and destruction to an orbiting habitat. Toss the baby out with the bathwater, when these nondescript missiles cripple a multi-million dollars orbiting communication array.

While 500,000 pieces of debris are marble size or larger, there are millions of pieces of debris that cannot be tracked. (NASA – 2013). We find on Wiki (last accessed December 7, 2019), that as of January 2019, more than 128 million bits of debris. Debris amounts can be exponentially created, by design or by accident.

The Kessler syndrome was partially idealized by the movie industry, in Gravity (2013 Film). “Big sky – Little bullet” catastrophes such as this are a deliverable to be managed by a separate arm of the United States Military. And in my own humble opinion, I place this out of the budgetary constraints imposed upon NASA.

There is an associated billion plus in costs, not to mention, $10 million to $400 million to launch a single satellite. We have something concrete to measure against, for the outlay of budget for a separate arm of the service. No other service need now be concerned with their budget, while Space Force is busy taking out nuts and bolts from low Earth orbit.

And yes. Federal Employees will get paid leave. All things considered, the dog wags the tail.

afterward or epilogue?

you decide.

Imagine rethinking our power grid, and national infrastructure and bringing it into alignment with the needs of a modern, post-industrial, information centric society?

We could invest trillion$ from the upper 1% non-tax paying base, and have access to clean water, air, and non-contaminated food, all the while no longer paying lip service to the rising flood of attention that global warming requires.

If anyone thinks this off-topic, think again. Satellite imaging and intelligence systems, all the while, look down and provide the necessary measurements that dictate policy. That is, if policy makers pay attention, read, and act on the science that is available, each and every day.

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