From the Director





by Rex Parker, Director

So Many Reasons to Keep Looking Up.  As the year 2017 winds down and the holiday spirit ascends, we can all share some satisfaction at an exciting event-filled year in our organization. I want to convey my deep appreciation for the efforts of our Officers, observatory Keyholders, and indeed all members of AAAP. This has been a year of progress on longer term goals, even as we enjoyed the opportunities right in front of us. Together we improved our observatory technology, provided remote astrophotography learning opportunities to members, had an amazing solar eclipse experience, shared several hands-on astro observing events, and experienced fascinating astronomy presentations. Attendance has been strong at Peyton Hall and membership is increasing. These are all hopeful signs of a vibrant organization looking upwards.

My destination this December is far away from Princeton, as my wife and I are travelling to the Orient for a few weeks of adventure. If all goes well I will see you at the January meeting in Peyton Hall. Meanwhile I hope you will turn out for the December 12 meeting as we have a great speaker program planned. Refer to the article by Program Chair Ira Polans in this issue.

Dark skies! — Rex

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