From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane, Assistant Director

May saw the AAAP table turn up at two events. At the first event, Super Science Saturday in Trenton, our club was represented by Gene Ramsey, Jennifer and Dave Skitt and myself, as custodian of the club’s table banner. Even though the day started with rain, it did stop. Lots of people turned out to talk to us and take free literature offered by Astronomy Magazine and the AAAP. Despite the continuing cloud cover that thwarted our efforts to view the Sun, everyone that came to our table went away pleased and more knowledgeable about the AAAP.

The second event, sponsored by the Washington Crossing Park Association, was a Walk in the Park with George. At this one, our club was represented by Gene Ramsey, my wife Marlene and yours truly. While the focus of the gathering was more historical than astronomical, the AAAP was recognized by the WCPA, as a supporting group with an established relationship of mutual interests. Gene was able to show General Washington what sun spots look like in a telescope. Many of the attendees who knew a lot about our park, left with a new understanding of our club and our observatory.

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