From the Assistant Director

by Larry Kane, Assistant Director 

As the liaison from the AAAP to the Washington Crossing Park Association (WCPA), and as a trustee of that organization, I want to invite members and friends of the AAAP to a special event.  On February 22, George Washington’s birthday, the WCPA is sponsoring a forum and panel discussion entitled “After the Crossing: New Jersey in the American Revolution.”  The moderator is Dr. Richard Veit, Chair of the Department of History-Anthropology, Monmouth University.  Speakers and subjects covered include Larry Kidder – “The 1776-77 New Jersey Chess Match: Washington vs. Howe”; Tim Nist – “Unsung Heroes at the Battle of Monmouth”; and Mark Dilonno – “War in the Watchtungs: Washington’s Battle of Attrition.”  Panelists will be available to talk to attendees, authors will have book signings, and organizations, including the AAAP, will have booths at the  event. So, come for the history, or come to do outreach for the AAAP.

This historical event will be held from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Union Fire House, 1396 River Rd., Titusville, NJ.  Registration is required and attendees are requested to make a $10 donation.  Members of the WCPA may attend free of charge.  To register, send a response to Washington Crossing Park Association, PO Box 83, Titusville, NJ 08560, contact Bill Marsch by email (, or contact me at

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