All contributions by David Kaplan except as noted

The Top 101 Astronomical Events to Watch for in 2015
Universe Today Contributed by Surabhi Agarwal

What Our Skies Would Look Like Without City Lights
In a series of transporting images, a photographer recovers the Milky Way — and a longing for infinite spaces — for city dwellers. NYTimes

Curiosity Progress Report
More than two years after arriving on Mars, Curiosity is climbing a mountain of sedimentary rock, reading the story of how the young planet turned dry and cold.  NYTimes

Goals Defined for UK’s Lunar Mission
Scientists set out the detailed scientific goals of a proposed UK-led mission to the Moon, including research into the feasibility of a human base there. BBC

The Dazzle of Southern Skies
A perspective from the Southern Hemisphere:  NYTimes
Our constellations may be upside down, but our stars shine brighter

Sun’s Sizzling X-rays Photographed
NASA’s “X-ray eye”, designed to study distant galaxies and black holes, has turned its attention to our own star and snapped a remarkable portrait: BBC

Discover a New kind of Astronomy Magazine

To discover the full riches offered by First Light Magazine, visit, or your Apple, Google, or Amazon digital shop. Contributed by Michael Wright


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