From the Outreach Chair

David Letcher, Outreach Chair

First, I am pleased to report that my four lectures on backyard astronomy were successfully delivered on the Friday evenings of September 14 through October 5. We had a good turnout ranging from about a dozen to almost two dozen folks, in age from preteen to AARP age. Many thanks go to Wayne Henderek, Resource Interpretive Specialist at the Washington’s Crossing Nature Center, AAAP volunteers Gene Ramsey and Larry Kane, and the observatory teams.

Our immediate, past star party was held on October 16th in North Brunswick. The sky was clear but light pollution cut down on what we could see. We were able to show some double stars, M57 and the Andromeda Galaxy, M31. Thanks go to David Zahler, Pat and Mary Hayes, and yours truly for volunteering.

Our next star party is planned for Wednesday, November 28 in West Windsor. An email was sent out asking for volunteers to help out.

That’s all for now!

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