Minutes of the November 8, 2016 Meeting of the AAAP

by James Poinsett, Secretary

• Rex called the meeting to order and outlined the agenda for the evening. He also read a letter to the club from Gene Ramsey’s widow.
• After the lecture StarQuest 2016 was discussed. There were 22 people, 16 telescopes and good, mostly clear conditions Friday night. Clouds rolled in on Saturday and the night was cancelled. StarQuest 2017 will be weekend of 9/17 or 9/24.
• There was a visit to Jenny Jump during StarQuest. A work party is needed to fix the casters on the roll off roof. Email Dave at observatory@princetonastronomy.org if you are interested in joining the work party.
• A couple of eyepieces dedicated for the Mewlon telescope are needed. It would be about $800 and is part of the original expenditure approved for the scope. An aperture mask is needed for lunar observing while using the Mewlon.
• The treasury is in good shape, approximately $20K.
• No outreach events at this time.
• Bill Murray attended the Stokes Star Party. He said the site is very good, possibly better than Hope Conference Center. The party is twice a year and is highly recommended.
• The Nov 19th event with the Friends of Washington Crossing Park has been postponed, no new date has been set.
• The meeting was adjourned a bit early because it was election night.

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