Sourland Star Party

Enjoy an evening with friends and family under the stars on March 16, 2013 between 6:30 to 9:30pm. The Hillsborough “Sourland Star Party” is hosting a free event to highlight the arrival of Comet PANSTARRS. Located on a dark “Starry Hill” on Montgomery Rd. 0.8 mile south of Amwell Road and about seven miles west of Rte. 206/Amwell or eight miles east of Rte. 31 and Amwell/Old York Road. Many amateur astronomers and their telescopes will be available to let you view the wonders of the crescent moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies, double stars and other deep space objects.

Feel free to bring your telescope too, if you have one ~ be a part of the astro-evening! A “Star Party” experience guaranteed to “WOW” young and old alike. Hot coffee and hot chocolate will be available to keep you warm.

Contact Keith Marley of NJAA at for more information and directions to this dark site just outside of Hillsborough or register on the Hillsborough Twp. website. Our new website will online soon and will post this event also.

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1 Response to Sourland Star Party

  1. Keith Marley says:

    Thanks for posting on your site…. I appreciate you help and know that you all are as eager as I am to get the latest knowledge of the universe out to the public.
    I hope to improve my website and although it is not a club I am working with the township for it’s support,
    My hope is just to get more local people to periodically watch it for local astro-events, like occasional star parties and meteor showers as well as just to have a local place to set up their scopes for a night out.
    Clear Skies,
    Keith Marley

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