The Earthworm

by Theodore R. Frimet

primordial astrochemistry

These biological organisms that we inhabit are not quite what they appear to be. Your host body is not here to manifest your mind, or your brain. 57 percent of your humanity is composed of microbiome. We accommodate not ourselves, rather we sponsor the DNA of anything other than what you predetermine to be human. What then is it to be human? It is to be host to a complex biological machination of evolution. Your destiny is to co-exist within the rules of Darwin. What then you say of the Universe? Let’s find out, shall we?

The Amateur looks the professional into the eye, rather directly, despite the glancing, excruciating pain. Back in the day, we were told that matter is the lesser god. What worth of it to look into the lens, and peer into the night sky, then? Especially when the professional continues their pursuit and attempts to define dark matter and energy? It truly doesn’t matter much. Since all the time, hidden in plain sight, dark matter and energy continue to rule the void.

We have played host to many minor organisms. Most of which we cannot live without. The Universe, too, cannot live without her 5 percent. The matter that coalesced, from the Bang to the Horizon, is our physics manifesto. Helium Hydride, once thought to be of limited scope, now is being reborn with new calculus. HeH+, our first molecule of substance, was detected within a nebula earlier this year. (Bovino, S., & Galli, D. (2019). First Molecule Still Animates Astronomers. Science, 365(6454), 639.) How then shall we say that the old gal could exist without the creation of her first, precious chemistry? Not at all, it would seem.

When we time lapse the history of our Universe, we venture beyond the darkness of where light could not travel. Yes. The darkness has its definition only at the brink of the cooling and accretion of protons and electrons. Further we spin the hand of time to the formation of Hydrogen and Helium, while the light of creation blasts beyond its massive confines. And so it goes, with gaps to my gaff, that matter accretes, gravity takes hold on the laws of physics, and stars are born anew. Taking the greater leap, the dynamic death of these early giants, render to us the material that we are born of. Who shall we be, to remind all readers that you are made of the stuff of stars? Your life, and yes, your being, are not dark matter, or energy. They are the light of the world, and of the Universe.

Contemplate, as I did this chilly September morning, that cells bind to provide structure, and the earthworm wiggles thru the biological detritus. Give just pause to your being. We exist as a scaffold to a great majority of wiggly things. Just as the live dirt matrix is the mother for an earthworm, you are the scaffold for a great Universal host. Is it a leap of scientific wonder that those of us that are the light, form a bridge and matrix to so many things? Fear not the dark matter and energy. Wonder at it, and peer thru the night-time lens. Be ever confident with the knowledge that without the light, there would be no dark.

Earthworm, T.S. (Frimet, 4X Plan Infinity, Fischer Scientific Micromaster)

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